Are you interested in becoming an Airplane Pilot?

AviaTraining.Net, established in 1996, is considered a global leader in the pilot training industry. We are well known for our ability to train students toward the highly appreciated FAA pilot certificates, which are recognized worldwide.

Although EASA and other licenses can sometimes be converted to a restricted FAA foreign-based certificate (with private privileges only), AviaTraining.Net offers complete transition training toward the standards and exams of unrestricted FAA certificates.

For over 20 years, AviaTraining.Net has trained many aspiring professional pilots throughout the world. Our training programs are the most cost effective way to begin your journey to become a private or professional airplane pilot.

As an internationally recognized aviation training institution, with branch offices in *Belgium and France, we travel to all parts of the world training people to become an airplane pilot using our FAA pilot-oriented flight training programs.

We are excited to announce that Greg Porter, CEO of the “Fly Goodyear” flight school in *Arizona, has established an alliance with Willem van Genk, CEO of AviaTraining.Net. Under this alliance both entities will cooperate in educating and training aspiring airplane pilots in a most cost efficient manner. Although a significant amount ground instruction, flight training and FTD training may be performed in Belgium and France, the bulk of the flying will be done in Arizona (where they typically have 350 days of excellent flying conditions). In addition, students will experience significantly lower aircraft costs in the United States, and in particular, in Arizona.

The goal of this international alliance is to train pilots in an efficient manner, in a short period of time, while significantly reducing the cost of training and improving the quality of that training.