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Expand/collapse block Information for course "CR 9100 Precision and Basic RNAV   (P-RNAV/B-RNAV) "Information for course "CR 9100 Precision and Basic RNAV (P-RNAV/B-RNAV) "
Description: Precision and Basic RNAV (P-RNAV/B-RNAV) in Europe. Area Navigation (RNAV) is a method of navigation which permits aircraft operation on any desired flight path within the coverage of station-referenced navigation aids or within the limits of the capability of self-contained aids, or a combination of these.
This course is for Training and Certifying by AviaTraining.Net for BRNAV & PRNAV operations in Europe according the training requirements established by EUROCONTROL for P-RNAV pilot certification.
Objectives: The objectives of this training module are as follows:
• To describe RNAV and outline its current and future use in TMAs
• To define the aircraft capabilities required for RNAV operations in TMAs
• To describe the different types of RNAV SID/STAR and outline their advantages
• To describe the different types of Waypoint, describing how they affect aircraft turns
• To outline some ATC best practice with regard to specific instructions, i.e. ‘DIRECT TO’
• To describe how ATC uses aircraft capability indicators to assign appropriate SIDs/STARs
• To state any RTF phraseology specific to RNAV operations.
Assessment: At the end of the course there is an assessment. With a proven knowledge of more than 70% applicants will be certified.
Other information: For this course a certificate will be issued. The scoring of each participant is reviewed by the teacher before issuing such a certificate. The certificate is normally accepted by the DGAC and German LBA
Learning method: e Learning with Articulate
Language: english
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Language: english
Professors: Professor Aviatraining
Units: 2
Lesson content
Language: english
Professors: Professor Aviatraining
Units: 1
Lesson content
Language: english
Professors: Professor Aviatraining
Units: 1
Lesson content
€49.95 Add to cart
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